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I specialize in natural and contemporary female portraiture based in Haymarket, Virginia. Even though I specialize in photographing women and girls, I also love to photograph the boys!

I have heard so many stories of photographers that say that they were practically born with a camera in their hands. That is not my story. The process to get to where I'm at was a journey. As a young girl, I spent my days riding horses and helping my best friends create reindeer planters out of wood to raise money to feed said horses. Taking a photograph of those special moments did not even cross my mind! It wasn't until my oldest daughter was born that my obsession with taking pictures began. I started out simply wanting to take better pictures of her and fell IN LOVE with photography.

Eventually, my passion turned into a desire to do it as a business and I immersed myself in education and training. I have enrolled in more online courses than I can count. I have attended many local workshops and I have studied under some of the most influential photographers in our industry such as Roberto Valenzuela, Clay Blackmore, Sandy Puc, Peter Hurley, Moshe Studios and many others. My relationship with photography is going on 18 years now. Yes, I started with a film camera!

However, it wasn't until I experienced the loss of one of my best friends and father that photography took on a new meaning. After that experience, I was on a mission. Photography became a calling. What brings me joy is forming relationships with my clients and providing my families with a documented story in the form of images. I became inspired to create portraits that are authentic.

Once I truly understood the value of photography, I decided that I needed to change my entire business model to include all of the digital files. I believe that images show us a glimpse into a person's soul. They matter. They hold value to my clients and I want you to have them all! My sessions now include all of the high resolution digital images that can easily be shared, downloaded, and printed using my professional lab or from the lab of your choice. These images can now become part of your legacy and history.  

If I had to choose words to describe my photography style, I would say that it is REAL, NATURAL, but with a MODERN flair. I use both natural light and studio strobes and particularly enjoy photographing women in their natural environments like their favorite room in their home or photographing seniors at their favorite hangout. I have a heart for our youth which is no surprise since I started out as a school teacher and nothing is more fulfilling to me than the opportunity to serve others whether it's through volunteering or in my business. 

"I would love the opportunity to not only become your photographer
but also your historian, your friend. 
My photography is a celebration of who you are and what you have accomplished, at this very moment, and to give you a documented reminder that you are fearfully and wonderfully made." 




  • If I could live in sweaters, yoga pants, and boots (not necessarily wearing all of them at once!) I totally would.
  • I have a small obsession with Bluebell ice cream, homemade tortillas and fajitas (it's my Latin upbringing), Kate Spade and Coach bags, big sunglasses, and all things shiny like diamonds, jewelry, and prom dresses.
  • I could, as Chris Traegar would say, LITERALLY eat Chipotle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  • I also LOVE being around people. 

I hope that I will get the opportunity to meet you and hear your story!


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