an investment in your priceless memories


“Those pictures are gorgeous!!! You did such a great job capturing her. She was so excited she was jumping for joy at how well they came out! Thank you! I can't wait to see the rest." V.M.


At Claudia Lewis Photography, we understand that the images that we provide our clients are so much more personal and meaningful than the selling of a product such as a handbag or a sofa and it is why we have created a session that allows us the ability to provide our clients with a digital copy of EVERY portrait from their session that can be shared online. If digital files for printing and other products are desired, they can be ordered at the ordering appointment. For detailed pricing, please ask to see our Investment Guide.


 ($795 value)



A Minimum of Thirty Web Sized Digital Files for Online Sharing
Thirty 5x7 Printed Proofs in Custom Box
Yearbook Submission
Online Digital Gallery and Personal Mobile App to have super quick access to all of your images with a click of a button
Pre-Session Phone or Skype Consultation 
Up to two Hours of Shooting 
Three Outfit Changes
On Location or Studio Session within 30 minutes of the Studio
In-Person Premiere Viewing and Ordering Appointment 
Makeup and Styling Advice from Claudia



About two weeks after your session, you will attend your viewing and ordering appointment in the comfort of your own home or ours. There are two ways to purchase products. You may purchase from our A La Carte menu or you may choose to invest in a portrait collection. Our "Create a Collection" gives you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to designing the perfect group of products for your home with pricing that is a better value than a la carte. This way, you don't end up with products that you don't want. The "Create a Collection" option includes the following complimentary benefits:

  • Special Pricing
  • The Premiere Slideshow
  • Digital Mobile App with images of purchased portraits
  • Reorders of gift prints at special pricing
  • Online shopping cart that can be shared with family and friends 

Choose at least one product from TWO categories below to complete your custom collection.

A. Choose an Art Piece.
1. Individual Wall Art (16x20 and larger) - begins at $260
2. Wall Art Clusters - begin at $495

B. Choose a Signature Product.
1. 11x14 Folio or Satin Keepsake Box - begins at $195

2. Albums - begin at $875

C. Choose Digital Files.
1. 10 Files (printable to 8x10) - $695
2. All Web Sharing Files for social media - $695
2. All Files (printable to 11x14) - $995



An example of what a Mobile Digital Gallery can look like is provided below. Please note that the download feature has been disabled for this example. The amount of images included is dependent upon the number of portraits ordered. A web sharing file is included with the purchase of every portrait. 



Mom, you may be asking, "Are these portraits REALLY going to be worth the investment?"
With our outstretched arms and a big smiles on our faces,we would shout a resounding YES! Life is about living and not taking it for granted. Years down the road when you look at the beautiful portraits of your child at the cusp of adulthood you will be reminded of this special moment that was full of anticipation, hope, and dreams. That is why we work hard to capture what's unique about your senior and what matters to you most.

Finally, it is also about the EXPERIENCE. In a world where beauty is defined by Hollywood and magazines, girls and women struggle with positive views of their bodies and their beauty.  Beautiful portraits created just for her will remind her that she is wonderfully and fearfully made every time that she looks at them. They will boost her confidence when she is lacking it. Our goal is to capture the light that is within her to remind her that true beauty comes from WITHIN. So is this kind of experience and confidence boost worthy of an investment? You betcha. 



an opportunity to have senior portraits that everyone will be talking about



Why do photographers charge a session fee and what is included?
The session fee simply covers the photographer's time spent photographing you, any consultation time before and after your shoot, your viewing and ordering appointment, as well as time spent in post production of the images. It is equivalent to paying a specialist for an office visit. You are paying for their time and expertise in helping you. Although you typically spend an average of 15-20 minutes with a doctor, a typical boutique photographer invests approximately 10-15 hours per session.

Our session fee includes:

  • a pre-session consultation
  • what to wear tips and advice on how to have the best time and images possible
  • an in-person viewing and ordering appointment
  • time spent photographing you
  • professional makeup application and hair styling (Luxe and Editorial sessions only)
  • facebook images of purchased poses
  • Mobile Digital Gallery and App (Luxe session only)
  • optional complimentary 30 minute family/sibling session (Luxe session only) 

MODERN TEENS | Claudia Lewis Photography | Haymarket and Gainesville Portrait PhotographerMODERN TEENS | Claudia Lewis Photography | Haymarket and Gainesville Portrait PhotographerPremiere Senior Photographer serving the Haymarket and Gainesville, VA area.  

When should I book my session?
As soon as possible. Spring, Summer, and Fall months book early. We typically book about 3-4 weeks in advance. 

The best time to book your shoot is the Spring of your Junior year. Yes, you read right. The Spring of your Junior year is the BEST time because you will have the most options when it comes to available dates. The flowers and trees are in full bloom in the Spring. This is a beautiful time of the year to add some glorious color to your images. We usually begin booking sessions in March. 

Can my session be personalized so that it’s unique?
Absolutely! Upon booking with CLP, you will receive an online interview so that we can get the wheels turning on what will make your session awesome! You have the option of having a pre-session consultation with me through a phone call, Skype, or Google Hangouts to talk shop about all of your thoughts and wants for your session, styling, tips on how to have a great shoot, locations, and planning out every last detail of our time together. I believe that planning the experience of a lifetime begins way before our session even begins. However, if you are pressed for time and can't have a consultation with us, we will plan out the majority of your shoot based on the answers that you provide in the online interview. 

Where will the photo shoot be held?
CLP sessions are offered on location at the location of your choice or at our residential studio in Haymarket, VA. The distance allowed is dependent upon the session chosen. We can even have it at your home, a favorite hangout, an open field, a downtown area. The sky's the limit. Choosing the location will be affected by the kind of mood or story that you want to convey. 




MODERN TEENS | Claudia Lewis Photography | Haymarket and Gainesville Portrait PhotographerMODERN TEENS | Claudia Lewis Photography | Haymarket and Gainesville Portrait PhotographerPremiere Senior Photographer serving the Haymarket and Gainesville, VA area.

Is it worth getting professional hair and makeup? How do I go about getting that?
It absolutely is worth it!  Professional makeup application and hair styling is such an important part of the whole CLP experience and a factor into how much you will love your photographs. Every girl should have the chance to feel like they walked out of a magazine! 

The way that makeup is normally applied and worn is different from what is required for your face to be camera ready. Cameras see things differently than the human eye. It takes a trained professional to know how to apply it properly so that it photographs well.

This is why we have partnered with the amazing Christy's Serenity Salon & Spa to provide you with the most amazing experience. Christy's Serenity Salon & Spa is one of the most sought after salons in the Haymarket area! Their commitment & passion to the beauty industry leaves them well versed in the latest styles and make-up trends. Professional makeup and hairstyling is included in our Editorial and Luxe sessions! 

However, if you would like to do your own makeup and hair, upon booking with CLP, you will receive an informational email with styling and makeup tips as well as access to our Pinterest boards for inspiration.




How long should I expect my experience to last?  MODERN TEENS | Claudia Lewis Photography | Haymarket and Gainesville Portrait PhotographerMODERN TEENS | Claudia Lewis Photography | Haymarket and Gainesville Portrait PhotographerPremiere Senior Photographer serving the Haymarket and Gainesville, VA area.
Your Senior Model Experience will include 30 minutes to 4 hours of shooting time depending on the session chosen. If you choose to have professional hair and makeup, you can expect to add an additional hour to hour and a half onto the experience. 

Will my session interfere with my school hours?
Possibly. If you are concerned about missing time in school, we can schedule your session during the early or later part of the day so that you only have to miss a part of the school day. Our business hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm with Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings reserved for sessions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so it's worth the small sacrifice in time. Keep in mind that schools are used to parents taking their kids out of school for doctor appointments, vacations, etc. 

How many outfits should I bring? 
The number is dependent upon the session chosen. However, bringing more than you think that you'll need is a good idea so that we can have choice and be able to pair them up with the appropriate location. You will want to bring a good mix of casual to dressy. You will be given advice about wardrobe as well as access to our Pinterest boards for inspiration once you book. 

Will I feel awkward having my pictures taken?
The honest answer is yes...probably. However, this usually only lasts for about twenty minutes or so. It's perfectly natural to feel this way and everyone experiences this. However, very quickly you will begin to relax. I promise. You will never be left to alone to "come up with a pose". We will guide you every step of the way...even down to your fingertips. We have spent years learning how to showcase your best features by posing you in the most flattering way and learning the best lighting that will make you look fantastic. It's going to be awesome! 

I don't think that I'm photogenic. What if I don't like my portraits?
First of all, everyone is photogenic in the hands of the right photographer. True beauty shines through from the inside out. I have a gift for being able to see this inner beauty in everyone. My job is to bring out that inner light and to capture it. However, if for whatever reason you don't like your portraits, a reshoot can be scheduled or your payment can be refunded minus the cost of hair and makeup if included in your session fee. 

"Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart." -Kahlil Gibran

Can I be photographed with someone that's special in my life? 
Yes, if you have chosen the Luxe or Editorial Session options since these sessions are longer and allow for the extra time required to photograph multiple people. You can be photographed with your best friend, parent, sibling, or even a pet. They are more than welcome to join us for the first 30 minutes of your senior session. For the sake of time, you can only be photographed with one additional person.





I have some blemishes that I don’t like. Is there anything that you can do?
Want that blemish gone? Done! The online interview will inform us about what you may be feeling insecure about. Our advanced retouching includes skin perfecting and feature enhancement. You don’t have to worry about these little imperfections. We’ve got you coverd. Also, we do very light if any skin softening so your skin will look natural and not like plastic. 

I’m psyched about getting digital images but my parents also want wall portraits. Do you offer printed products?
Absolutely! CLP is a full service boutique studio that can help you display wall galleries or create custom professional grade and archival products such as storytelling albums, collage storyboards, gallery wrapped canvas or metal and acrylic portraits just to name a few. 



How long after my session do I get to view my photos? 
You can expect to view your images within 2 weeks of your senior session. 

What is the process to view and receive them?
You may attend an in-person viewing and ordering appointment to view your images and discuss all of your printing options. This is a complimentary service that we provide in the comfort of your own home or ours. This is a special time to view your images in a slideshow set to music and receive personalized attention when it comes to viewing and ordering any additional products. Coming to your home gives us the ability to view your home decor and wall space and be able to make recommendations based on your style and space. Special pricing and collections are available at this time. 

How long after placing my order will it be before I receive my portraits?
After printed products are ordered, it takes about 2-3 weeks. Some products such as albums may take longer. If a collection or digital files are purchased, your digital gallery will be delivered within two work days after your order is paid in full and the payment has been processed. 

Do you have a confidentiality agreement? What if I don't want you to share my images on your website or blog? Can they be kept private?

Certainly. If, for whatever reason, you don't want us to use your images in this manner, you will have the opportunity to indicate this in the online contract that you sign before your session and your images will be kept private. We do, however, highly appreciate being able to use them in this way as it helps us to promote our business. Plus, we just really enjoy bragging about our amazing clients!

​Can I add Grad cards after my session?
Yup. You certainly can. At your in-person viewing and ordering appointment, you will have the opportunity to view some of the different available designs. However, the actual order and payment for your cards can be made online sometime between February and April if desired. 




"Wow. Claudia, these are amazing!!! Can't believe what a great job you did! Actually, I can believe it! You have so much talent." J.G.


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